What you can do about the noise and stench from Renewi incinerator

Freephone 24hour hotline to complain to the Environment Agency 0800 80 70 60. Contact Derby city Council Environmental Health daytime number 570222. Keep telling them about the noise, smell and other disturbances, as the permit needs rescinding ASAP. Ask  the City Council when 1/ the Air Quality Management (AQMA) Area for particulates will be reinstated, in Sinfin. 2/How they propose to clean up the Clean Air Zone in Sinfin, especially as the AQMA for nitrogen dioxide will be worsened by the incineration plant & associated traffic. Derby is now one of the 6 Clean Air Zones set up by the UK Government. Community demonstrations outside the incinerator continue in February 2019 and will be posted on events page. See also Facebook page ‘No incinerator on Sinfin Lane, our health matters’