Eroding the earth….how high-carbon ‘bioenergy’ global resources incineration, destroys world soil/oceans/air

Compost sequesters carbon,adds nutrients, improves soil structure/water-retaining capacity, Thus alleviating #floodrisk/#zerohunger ocean deoxygenation/acidification by excessive fossilfuel based artificial fertiliser run-off. This is ammonium nitrate, highly explosive, which caused the Lebanon disaster. Artificial fertiliser does nothing for soils structure/health/water retention, kills worms and the run-off from soils fuels ocean #eutrophication algae blooms.

Compostable resources, which would replace overuse/abuse/misuse of artificial fertiliser, are destroyed in the wasteful ‘energy-from-waste’ burning process. Compostable ‘organics’ ( see contracts page for proof) would help solve the current climate crisis, on many fronts, including soil degradation/erosion/hunger/flooding/eutrophication/deoxygenation/ocean acidification. Photo shows eutrophication on the shoreline at Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Eutrophication is destroying oceans, rivers worldwide – other reports below:-

State of the Cryosphere Oct 2021 includes reports on acidification, loss of coastal communities, evacuation of low-lying islands

Tipping point shifts, in marine ecosystems

Illinois and dead zone in Gulf of Mexico

Fertiliser run-off in drinking water

Microplastics eaten by humans, harms cells

Microplastics link to cases of inflammatory bowel disease

Spain bans artificial fertiliser after dead fish wash up on lagoon shores

Storms cause artificial fertiliser pollution, in Gulf of Mexico

  • – Shenzhen, China, where the worlds biggest incinerator is planned. Ironic
  • From U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Service- “The primary culprits in eutrophication appear to be excess nitrogen and phosphorus—from sources including fertilizer runoff and septic system effluent to atmospheric fallout from burning fossil fuels—which enter waterbodies and fuel the overgrowth of algae, which, in turn, reduces water quality and degrades estuarine and coastal ecosystems.”

IUCN REPORT JAN 2020 confirms 3.2 pg 118 Ocean deoxygenation from eutrophication’ “Post-industrial expansion in the 1850s,human alterations to watersheds, and increasing use of artificial fertilizers in the 1950s to present have increased
the amount of reactive nitrogen (Nr-N) in the ecosphere by three-fold.”

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Valuable bio-organic materials, biowaste/foodwaste etc, which could create compost, are destroyed in the so-called ‘energy-from-waste’ process. Yet Mass Balance reveals more energy is wasted than the tiny amount created, if at all. See also contracts page for proof that compostable materials (alongside many other resources) are to be wasted, worldwide, for the ‘Clean Development Mechanism/ ‘Sustainable Development Mechanism’ scheme in Article 6 of COP25. Now re-named in COP27 Nov 2022.More info here shortly

STOP PRESS – Sea Otters named as a keystone species in the 1970s – now their contribution to fighting algae growth has been recognised. In polluted sea estuaries in California – polluted by artificial fertiliser run-off spurring the growth of algae on seagrass – they eat the crabs which would have eaten sea slugs which feed on the algae. With fewer crabs to feed on them the California sea hares – a sea slug – grew larger and became more abundant. The slugs fed on the algae growing on the seagrass, leaving leaves healthy and clean. B Hughes, biologist at Sonoma State University, California found that Elkhorn Slough, in Monterey Bay, a highly polluted estuary where excessive amounts of artificial fertiliser run-off spurs growth of algae on seagrass leaves, killing the plants, said that it was the highest concentration of nutrients he had ever seen on the planet and that any model would suggest there should be no seagrass, yet seagrass was expanding. This directly correlated with the growth of the sea otter population.

PFAs from fossilfuel plastic packaging etc, found in otters -University of Cardiff

NB We do not support biochar, which is ‘torrefaction’ of wood. There is a torrefaction plant in Derby, UK pouring out woodsmoke and air pollution, causing misery to residents and polluting the air with black carbon, noxious emissions, heavy metals.

Bioenergy is greenwash, and a high-carbon, energy-inefficient waste of resources. See contracts page for example.