FLUORIDE WARNINGS-Professor Paul Connett speaks

Dec 2021 The following slide indicates that today fluoride is resulting to a greater loss of IQ points in the USA than any other factor including Lead and pre term birth. This slide is based on a per by David Belinger in 2012 with the addition of the data from Bashash 2017 and Green 2019 papers (US government funded studies)

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The second slide summarizes key findings from the National Toxicology Program’s 5 year systematic review of fluoride’s neurotoxicity due to be finalized in 2022. The Judge in the TSCA lawsuit against the EPA (to ban the deliberate addition of fluoride into the drinking water.

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Of 29 HIGH QUALITY human studies 27 found fluoride had an adverse neurotoxic effect – 2 did not.- 13 of them were done at f concentrations below 07 ppm (the level we fluoridate in the USA) another 5 below 1.5 ppm and another 9 above 1.5 ppm (i.e. no margin of safety)
That is the SCIENCE – but the professional bodies are trapped by past loyalties to the practice. Governments are doing nothing to warn pregnant to avoid fluoridated water as well as parents  who bottle-fed their infants.
But the media doesn’t help – scientists and activists are very quiet – and it is left to our non-profit to try and do it all. But the good news more and more researchers are working on this around the world and the science will eventually win

Dear All,
In the last 4 years there have been 19 human IQ studies indicating an association with fluoride exposure in utero and infancy and lowered IQ and an increase in symptoms of ADHD. These include 4 high quality studies funded by the US government agencies (NIEHS, NIH and even the EPA) – Bashash, 2017,2018; Green 2019 and Till, 2020). The weight of evidence is overwhelming for independent scientists but sadly not to many professional bodies, health agencies.
Fluoride is causing more loss of IQ points in the USA population than lead and any other factor including pre-term birth. Yet New Zealand has recently introduced mandatory fluoridation for the whole country.
For those living in Ireland (which has had mandatory fluoridation since 1966), the UK (which is currently trying to introduce mandatory fluoridation there) Canada, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil,  Australia and NZ – this issue should concern you.  
Even though fluoride can cross the placental membrane and the fetus is exposed to fluoride, none of these countries are warning pregnant women to avoid fluoridated water. The governments in these countries seem more determined to protect this outdated policy than the brains of their children..
 Nor are many parents being warned of the findings of the Till et al, 2020 paper that found that children who were bottle-fed in fluoridated communities in Canada scored 9 IQ points lower than children who were bottle-fed in non-fluoridated communities. I have been warning for over 20 years that bottle-fed babies in fluoridated communities get about 200 times more fluoride than breast-fed babies.
The shocking news is that even though fluoride occurs naturally it is highly toxic to animals and humans because it is incompatible with fundamental biochemical components and processes such as enzymes and G-proteins. Fortunately nature has device defense mechanisms to protect us (kidneys excrete 50% of daily fluoride ingestion; bones sequester most of the rest and fluoride is very low in breast milk) but water fluoridation gets around these defense mechanisms. 
This well-intentioned but misguided and dangerous practice must be brought to an end  very quickly. At the very least please get a warning to pregnant women and bottlefeeding  parents to avoid fluoridated water.
If you live in the UK please help remove the clauses in the Health and Care bill that require mandatory fluoridation. It has passed the House but is still being fought in the House of Lords.
Thanks for your patience reading this but I have been on this now for 26 years and it is getting very frustrating being  ignored  by key players when every bone in my body tells me that I am right – and not just in my bones but in key scientific papers tell me that I am right.

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