Reduce, reuse, recycle, compost = cheaper than incineration


NB Derbyshire County Council call the incineration plant ‘biomass’, despite the fact it will also be burning plastics ‘waste’ (see contract page)
At Derby City’s full council meeting on Jan 26th, 2017, during
Councillors questions,the costs of sending the blackbin (residual waste)
for incineration, to the Shanks incineration plant (now Renewi/Green Investment Group et al) were revealed. This showed that the recycling collections were approx £36 per bin and the blackbin (residuals) was £112. Bluebin for plastics, card, metals,glass. Brownbin for garden, kitchen waste, foodwaste scraps – use plummeted (STOP PRESS brownbin free again, and bluebin being reinstated across city) after a needless cost was imposed on households, people have to register online for this free service.
See table below and PWC/Deloitte et al contracts page for how reduction, reuse, recycling & composting have to be dismantled to ‘feed’ the Renewi incineration contract  

Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council
Expression of Interest to DEFRA
PFI Funding
Residual Waste Treatment Facility March2008

Table 4.2 Evaluation Criteria used in Current Procurement Process

Service Quality10%
Working with the Councils5%
Environmental and Social Responsibility 5%
Stakeholder Engagement 2.5%

4.4.5      The evaluation of solutions proposed by participants has concluded the


                –  there are substantial deliverability and/or commercial implications

                   associated with options which rely on sending SRF to market, leading

the Councils to conclude that these options are not currently   deliverable within cost and risk parameters which would be acceptable to the Councils;…

      –  options which combine MBT with thermal treatment are not affordable                          

Extracts From page 31 – para 4.4.31

The option with the lowest overall cost is the option involving conclusion of the existing PPP procurement process

Table 4.4 pg 31)

Option  Total Nominal Cost(1/4/10 to 31/3/37)(£K) Net Present ValueOf Cost (1/4/10 to31/3/37) at 1/4/10(£K)
Do nothing 1,029,974453,791
 Conclude existing PPPprocurement  938,722427,348
PFI Reference Project 988,697446,487

revealing that the existing PPP, recycling collections, are cheaper than incineration