WATER – We are due in the UK to start running out of fresh water in the next 20 years (Environment Agency report today – 19/3/2019.Yet 20 Olympic swimming pools worth, wasted every day at the Derby/Derbyshire incineration plant. Multiply that by the other 50-odd burners in the UK and the many being touted, worldwide as ‘sustainable’ ‘waste to energy, though mass balance reveals more energy wasted, than the tiny amount produced. Africa is due to run out of water even sooner, yet water-wasting development, such as incineration, is being promoted there & worldwide, by banks and companies which are ignoring the detrimental environmental effects. (Severn Trent warned in 2010 that over-abstraction was affecting the Derwent in the East Midlands) Aside from lobbying international, national, regional and local government, banks, companies etc to start saving water and not wasting it, what you can do in the home, below

BATHROOM – Save water from the shower/bath, for watering the garden, flushing the toilet etc. This is easily done, with a bucket.

Avoid running the tap.

NB BATHROOM TILES/GROUT – Make a paste from bicarbonate of soda & lemon juice, apply to grout with old toothbrush, leave for ten mins, or so, rinse off

KITCHEN – WASHING MACHINES – We have a Miele washing machine that has lasted TWENTY years. It weighs the washing to use the optimal amount of water for washing & rinsing. 95 degrees for nappies, 30 degree wash for least energy use.

Try to avoid dishwashers, they use more water & energy than hand-washing.

KITCHEN/GARDEN Make compost from kitchen/garden/veg peelings ‘waste’ . In #DerbyUK, the free brownbin for organics has just been returned to the local populace. (Brownbin was free for everyone, till the incineration contract was signed, then it was removed and charged for, leading to a massive drop in recycling, but more ‘organics’ for the incineration contract) Unfortunately brownbin is now by online registration only, instead of being returned, free, for the whole Derby city population.

Avoid peat products, like the plague. Sign up for an allotment to grow your own, get healthier etc

COMPOST – sequesters carbon, alleviates #floodrisk, adds nutrients/organic matter to soil to #nourishtheworld, improve soil structure and water-retaining capacity, increases insect/dung beetle/worm populations thus aiding soil structure, assists in feeding the world, basically. Sadly, not perceived as a monetary ‘technology’ to save the world