PWC/Deloitte et al Global Risks contracts END the ‘circular economy’

Derby recycling rate was nearly 50% UNTIL the Derbyshire 4.3 MILLION tonnes of CO2 emitting, plastics/biomass/etc incinerator contract was signed. (NB Waste minimisation/reduction policies also stopped) All 8 Derbyshire councils have signed up to the contract, meaning they are now in the business of ‘procuring’ more waste for destruction, not REDUCING, RE-USING, RECYCLING OR COMPOSTING. (NB the Derbyshire incinerator in Sinfin was shut in 2018, as it never ‘worked’ properly, causing noise, and terrible odours across the city, as well as wasting resources. A fly infestation added to residents misery and the company ‘Resource Recovery Solutions’ was suspected to have illegally used bypass vents, to pump out toxins, including dioxin and particulates.)

In the very first year of signing the contract, recycling dropped to 35%. Why? Because reducibles, reusables,recyclables (paper, plastics) and compostables (garden waste, foodwaste etc) are needed for destruction instead. Evidenced by the contract.  Extracts from the Green Investment Group/Foresight Group/MacQuarie/Renewi/Shanks/RRS Project Schedule for the Waste Project, below. Companies that advised on the hellishly difficult contract to read, include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Jardines, Eversheds LLP. (Invoices available if needed) NB Other incinerator companies such as Veolia etc also have such contracts. Many Derby wards have had recycling collections removed. We now have an incineration plant and people are forced to ‘feed’ it, through having recycling removed and be forced to throw ALL previously recycled and composted items into the so-called ‘residual’ waste bin (blackbin) supposed to be for waste left over AFTER recycling has been carried out by householder (blue and brown bin) and commerce, not the other way round. This makes a fallacy of the ‘circular economy’ principle and also means that the claimed ‘carbon-neutral’ or low-carbon synthetic gas is nothing of the sort, as it relies on ‘calorific’ fossil-fuel plastics. It also means that the carbon dioxide tonnage of 4.3 MILLION tonnes of CO2 is now an underestimate – as is nitrogen dioxide.

Para 5.1B.2  during the period when the compensation period applies, the Contractor receives less than twelve thousand nine hundred and seventeen (12,917) tonnes per month such that the Contractor is compensated on the basis set out in paragraph 5.1.A.2”

Revealing that the Councils will be in the business of ensuring that enough waste is produced in order to feed the process and their partners. This nullifies any waste minimisation and reduction measures and is in breach of various policies in the Waste Regulations 2011, Waste Prevention Programmes, EU legislation on not dumping bio-waste into the blackbin (see Waste Contract 2) etc

Yet the review process supposedly carried out through the Waste Plan process was supposed to ensure that such inflexibility was not built into any proposals.

OS 4.1; 4.3; 6.1;  Schedules to the Project Agreement   Schedule 17 5.6.5 use all reasonable endeavours to adjust the Net Calorific Value, Moisture Content or organic Content (as the case may be) of the NWTF Residual waste transported by the Contractor to the NWTF by prioritising NWTF Residual waste from any Delivery POint with an appropriate Net Calorific Value, Moistire Content or Organic Content (as the case may be) (to the extent it is available);     5.6.6 Schedule 17 use all reasonable endeavours to agree with the Councils measures that the councils may be able to implement or procure, in order that the Net Calorific Value, Moisture content and/or Organic content (as the case may be) of the NWTF Residual Waste can be improved;  

Showing that waste of a ‘calorific’, ‘organic’  or suitable ‘moisture’ content (ie bio-degradable food and garden waste currently being composted at vital earth (household brownbin) and plastics (household blue bin ) is to be ‘procured’ somehow. Waste resources which are currently being separated by the householder and business/industry will thus be destroyed instead.

Plans recently passed by the city council to remove recycling collections on 50 streets  in the arboretum ward, and the WHOLE of Mackworth ward, in breach of guidance from DEFRA ie that there is no reason to remove recycling. Claims of ‘contamination’ by householders, are also incorrect, as Greenstar has confirmed.

Waste is now moved down the hierarchy from the more sustainable position of being recycled, and is destroyed instead ie incinerated.  The council will be expected to procure 13000 tonnes monthly, from us and commercial operations.

PLastics manufacture – Late Lessons from Early Warnings Vol 2 – file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/My%20Documents/Downloads/Late%20lessons%20Vol%20II_chapter8.pdf