Humber High Carbon Pipelines Project

Object before 5 December to the wasteful, destructive, resources intensive, ocean and sea bed destroying, energy-inefficient, high-carbon (not low as claimed) Humber Low carbon pipelines project. The coast and sea bed stretching for ten miles out to sea, ‘belongs’ to the Crown; such a wasteful and destructive scheme would reveal the Crown as complicit, in making the ocean a dumping ground.

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We object to the ‘Humber Low Carbon Pipelines Project’ and the associated marine/offshore element of the development, on planning and environmental grounds.

The project is purely experimental and plans do not provide total mass balance of energy use, pollution or total carbon dioxide emissions. There is no full life cycle assessment. As ‘anchor emitters’ Drax and the hydrogen production plants excessive energy use and CO2 emissions do nothing to help meet the UK Governments Carbon Budget or energy efficiency targets.

The waste of resources is in breach of the Brundtland Declaration that youth, children and future generations be left with the same resources we have recourse to.


Drax themselves have admitted that they lack data on carbon capture. 

The burning of biomass is high-carbon

The National Grid proposals enable Drax to destroy more forests, worldwide. In 2019, campaign group Sandbag warned that Europe’s BECCS plans would accelerate  the climate crisis by destroying forests quicker than they can grow back, due to the massive amount of tree cutting needed to fuel BECCS plants. The group warned that the amount of biomass pellets needed to fire Europe’s BECCS plants would equate to half the size of Germany’s Black Forest each year. Similarly, the Daily Telegraph reported earlier this year that the UK government’s BECCS targets would require burning the equivalent of the New Forest National Park every five months.

Find information on the health risk from burning of Drax biomass pellets

In 2021 the Competition and Markets Authority published new guidance to support global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and the regulator is to launch a review of misleading green claims, including those made by fossilfuel oil producer Shell. We question why the National Grid chooses to associate with, what is basically, a greenwashing, polluting industry. If the Drax biomass process is ‘low-carbon’, then there is no reason a pipeline has to be built, to pump carbon dioxide into the sea bed.


The coast and sea bed stretching for ten miles out to sea, belongs to the Crown; such a wasteful and destructive scheme would reveal the Crown as complicit, in making the ocean a dumping ground.

Such dumping schemes are supported by the fossilfuel industry as it allows them to continue drilling for fossilfuels, with the claim that their drilling is necessary, for carbon capture and that fossilfuels are thus manageable, despite that fact that climate science and indeed the International Energy Agency, have called for a permanent halt to fossilfuel exploration/drilling.

The Uk Governments Biodiversity Action Plan is also at risk; the Government having admitted that biodiversiity is in “unprecedented decline”. It estimated that 75% of the world’s land surface and 66% of the ocean has been “significantly altered and degraded by human activity” and that “one million species are threatened with extinction”. Yet these plans enable that unprecedented decline to continue.


An intensely wasteful and high-energy production process, hydrogen is also highly explosive. The experimental Rolls-Royce hydrogen aero-engines testbed had to be situated outside, at their Derby site, on 28/11/22 (East Midlands Today 28/11/2022)

The International Energy Agency has estimated that the production of hydrogen from fossilfuel gas emits 835 MILLION tonnes of carbon dioxide yearly. United States Environment Protection Agency equates this to 10 tons of CO2 emitted, for every 1 ton of hydrogen. As the hydrogen plants are the ‘anchor emitters’, the Project cannot thus be termed ‘Low carbon’.

Water vapour, produced when hydrogen is burned, is a greenhouse gas and the United States Environment Protection Agency is seeking to classify it as a pollutant

When such pipelines are sabotaged, the environmental consequences are considerable.  The Royal Navy has acknowledged that the North Sea is at particular risk.


The entire area is already under threat of erosion, due to climate breakdown. 

The unsustainable Project aids coastal and sea bed erosion, and breaches UK Sustainability Objectives.

The National Grids considerable expertise would be better applied to lobbying the fossilfuel industries on worsening methane pollution from their processes and addressing the losses of power across the electricity system, – at approximately 20% – instead of supporting fossilfuel industries, in the wasting of more energy.

A blackout planned by National Grid, has been called off, at the last minute, at time of writing (28/11/2022). That householders should be asked to save energy, when the National Grid supports plans to waste so much more, is extreme climate emergency denial.

Derby/South Derbyshire Unfriends the Burning Earth