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Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

18/10/19 Derby & South Derbyshire Friends of the Earth are pleased to announce that the Derby/Derbyshire high-carbon, polluting plastics/biomass/resources incineration plant is now closed/mothballed. However, Derby city and Derbyshire county council are looking for other ‘partners’ to start it up again. For people in Sinfin. Derby to complain about the terrible woodsmoke pollution being emitted from the OGEN wood-torrefaction/biochar greenwash plant on Victory Rd behind Sainsburys, Osmaston Rd, go to . Sinfin already has 20 stacks (chimneys basically) from the Rools-Royce aeroengine manufacturing facility/testbed (pumping out NO2/CO2 24/7) we fully expect others to ignore the current climate pollution emergency & start up the 23d stack again. Watch this space

Derbyshire incinerator, by Shanks/Resource Recovery Solutions/Renewi/MacQuarie/Green Investment Group/Foresight Group/Energos/Interserve, nr Sainsburys/B&Q,Sinfin, Derby, & worldwide. To emit 4.3 MILLION tonnes of CO2. Being touted worldwide as low-carbon! Always in deprived & polluted areas. (+ here a site for the rare common lizard) Will cause Deaths  Brought Forward in seriously ill, worsen 2 Air Quality Management Areas 4 NO2, emit 4.3 MILLION tonnes CO2 over 20 yr lifespan & waste 360,000 litres of diesel to aid the ‘burn’. 1 of 1000s of dioxin,microplastics, nanoparticles spewers, planned for UK/world. Will also waste water in the quench and wastewater processes. (20 Olympic swimming-pools worth, daily) Cheaper reduction, reuse & recycling is being dismantled to ‘feed’ incineration contract tonnages, see contracts page) World soils are being wrecked because of artificial fertiliser overuse, yet compostable resources are being destroyed. Compost aids carbon sequestration, adds nutrients, alleviates floodrisk and stops run-off. Derby City Council has agreed that air quality will be worsened in an AQMA for nitrogen dioxide, because of the stack emissions and associated traffic. They stated in the LTP process, that the life expectancy of Derby people – a year less than the national average – would not improve, if air quality did not improve. 

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